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                  2021.04. 17

                  Exhibition | the most beautiful April day Linson purification meets you at the 6th Cell Industry Conference

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                  2021/4/17 16:15:34 字號

                  Introduction to the conference
                  One belt, one road, the life science and Technology Promotion Association, the Jiangsu Biotechnology Association, the National Association of health industry management, the society of cell therapy industry and clinical research, the promotion of the "stem and cell research", and the development of stem cells and regenerative medicine. The 2021 Cell Industry Conference and the sixth 2021 (Shanghai) cell and tumor medical Summit Forum jointly organized by Wuhan East Lake National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone biomedical industry association, Shenzhen biomedical Promotion Association, Guangzhou Instrument Industry Association, Shanghai Laboratory Equipment Association and Shanghai shunzhan Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. will be held in Shanghai Exhibition Center from April 23 to 25, 2021, Famous academicians, experts and cytologists in various fields at home and abroad will be invited to report on the conference. The contents of the conference covered the research and application of stem cells, the development of oncolytic viral drugs, industrial transformation, the research and development of cellular immunotherapy and gene therapy, technology and clinic, the development of biological innovative drugs, clinical research and treatment progress, etc.
                  Cell industry has become one of the important fields in the frontier exploration of global biomedicine and life science and technology. It has great medical application value and market prospect. It is a major trend of life and health industry in the future.
                  As an exhibitor, Linsen purification will be displayed at booth 111. Welcome to the booth for communication.
                  Booth No.: 111
                  Composition of the general assembly
                  Main forum (morning of April 23)
                  Speech by leaders of the Association
                  The Secretary General of the Association announced the establishment of three new professional groups, issuing certificates and awarding cards
                  Novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment plan for Shanghai
                  Stem cell quality standard and industrial innovation and development
                  New progress in cell therapy
                  Cell therapy delays aging
                  New clinical progress of cell therapy for covid-19
                  Overall solution for automated cell factory
                  Sub forum venue I (afternoon of April 23)
                  Stem cells and immune microenvironment
                  Research, development and industrialization prospect of stem cell technology
                  Current situation and Prospect of cell therapy
                  Domestic and customized core products for large-scale culture, separation and cryopreservation of stem cells and immune cells
                  Clinical progress and commercial competition of targeted BCMA immunotherapy
                  Cell and gene therapy QC testing, the QBD approach QC testing of cells and gene therapy products - quality comes from design
                  Spectral flow cytometry, in-depth study of cellular immunity
                  Subject to be determined
                  New immunomodulatory targets and next generation active immune checkpoint control immunotherapy
                  Sub forum venue 2 (afternoon of April 23)
                  Construction and clinical practice of Wuwei heavy ion center
                  Enhanced car-t in the treatment of HIV / AIDS
                  Stem cell transplantation in the treatment of neurological dysfunction after ischemic stroke
                  Role of mesenchymal stem cells in anti infection and maintaining tissue homeostasis
                  Tumor immune cell therapy
                  Application of isolator technology in the industrialization of cell therapy
                  Cell therapy of premature ovarian failure
                  Study on bone marrow aging and anti-aging
                  Cell therapy of end-stage liver disease
                  Sub forum venue I (April 24)
                  New progress in clinical research of oncolytic virus
                  Research progress of digital PCR
                  Large scale metabolite biomarkers identification study for cancer diagnosis and prediction
                  Ultra minimally invasive tumor autoimmune therapy
                  The road of medical industrialization
                  "Made by Guoyi craftsman" of life science experimental tools
                  Role of isolator system and cell culture system in class a environment in cell aseptic production process
                  Application of living cell monitoring system provi CM20 in cell related products
                  Digital roadmap - process development and manufacturing
                  Discussion on the application of new technology for constructing biological sample bank from the perspective of Biosafety
                  Sub forum venue 2 (April 24)
                  Difficulties and Countermeasures of tumor cell immunotherapy
                  Foxp3 regulatory T cells and antitumor immunotherapy
                  Understanding and thinking of clinical phenomenon of tumor immunity
                  Study on the regulatory function of umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells and immune cells
                  Ultrasound intervention autologous bone marrow cell transplantation
                  Autologous bone marrow cell transplantation for diabetes mellitus
                  Targeted astrocytes in the treatment of ischemic stroke
                  Practice of science, technology and industry penetration driven by independent tools
                  Context of closed loop business model on genetic testing
                  Application of mngs in micro biological substance control and safety of biological products
                  Gene information is the basic information of disease diagnosis and treatment
                  Gene sequencing helps prevent cancer and chronic diseases
                  Application prospect of flight mass spectrometry in medical field
                  Further prevention and control of birth defects -- Practice of screening pathogenic gene carriers
                  Traffic guide
                  1) Visitors can take 01; 48; 49; 71; 127; 311; 925; 936; Shanghai Zhuhai special line; Shanghai Qian special line; Shanghai Qingdao special line arrives at Shanghai Exhibition Center
                  2) Go to exit 3 of Jing'an Temple Station of Metro Line 2 and 7 on foot, or go out of exit 2 of Nanjing West Road Station of Metro Line 2 on foot
                  3) It is about 6.7 kilometers away from Shanghai railway station, 12.4 kilometers away from Shanghai South Railway Station and 16.7 kilometers away from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station
                  4) It is about 48 kilometers away from Shanghai Pudong International Airport and 14.8 kilometers away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport
                  Epidemic prevention guide
                  According to the requirements of new epidemic prevention and control, we will provide you with safe and efficient business exchanges. Please pay attention to the following epidemic prevention regulations:
                  Pre trip self inspection
                  ☆ I have no confirmed or suspected cases of pneumonia
                  ☆ I have no close contact with confirmed or suspected cases of pneumonia
                  ☆ I have not had close contact with personnel from high-risk areas in the past 14 days
                  ☆ I have not been to high-risk areas in the past 14 days
                  ☆ I have not been intensively isolated for observation by the detention station or have been released from medical observation after being kept for observation
                  ☆ at present, I have no symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue and chest tightness
                  Before taking the initiative to inquire about the risk level of the epidemic in Shanghai, and get the follow-up code of Shanghai, you can get the Alipay small program by following the bid code APP, with the application code.
                  All personnel entering the venue must meet three conditions at the same time: wearing masks, showing green health code and body temperature not exceeding 37.3 ℃. Those who do not meet any of the conditions shall not enter the venue.
                  4.23-4.25 booth 111 of Shanghai Exhibition Center
                  Linsen purification will see you soon
                  About Linson purification
                  Founded in 2003, Linsen purification is an enterprise integrating R & D, design, manufacturing and sales of clean room products and purification library plates. It is located in Suzhou, a paradise on earth.
                  The company has established four manufacturing centers in Suzhou, Tianjin, Wuhan and Chengdu, two design centers in Suzhou and Wuhan, one overseas trade center in Shanghai and one engineering construction center in Suzhou. After development, it has become a provincial high-tech enterprise, obtained a number of national invention patents and utility model patent certificates, and passed the iso09001-2015 quality management system certification. And is committed to becoming an influential enterprise in the global clean room engineering system.
                  Linsen purification has a highly skilled technical R & D team; There are many production workshops such as filter, sheet metal, welding and assembly; The company adopts Italian Prima power sheet metal flexibility production line, CNC automatic composite color steel plate production line, laser cutting, automatic welding machine and other equipment. The main products are all kinds of composite color steel plates, clean doors and windows, etc.
                  We hope to provide you with high-quality, energy-saving, low-carbon and high-quality clean space with professional services, outstanding products and efficient team.
                  contact us
                  Wujiang Linsen purification board Co., Ltd
                  Service hotline: 0512-63204838
                  Official website address: www.phryz.com

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                  400 860 2003
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